March Q & A – Threshold, Sickness, Intervals

Threshold, Training when Sick, Intervals on Hills

March Q & A – thanks for questions !

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what are we up to?
-Increasing training volume
what are we reading?

How do you start training, increase volume or increase intervals without burning out ? 

what is my threshold?

 = not everyone is a 60 min threshold and not everyone can hold 95% of their cp20 for 60 minutes. If you are struggling with zones of your cp20 or what you think is your threshold try using 10% of cp20 , or trying a longer TT 30-40min long for a better estimate.
 = Software is WKO+ that Peter referenced and uses with all his Smart Athlete Coaching Clients, it will help model your threshold much more accurately then generalized formulas based off TTs .

Question about Frequent Sickness with Kids – how to ease back into training ?
   – mentioned zinc lozenges, Vitamin C and Hand washing.
   – watch training load – be happy with consistency more then suffer-festivals
Nutrition changes where to start ? 

Intervals on hills . Remember flat power and also that the time in-between intervals is important consideration .

Glenn Hartrick – Triathlete relearns skills, thrives as a para-athlete

Glenn Hartrick is a New Jersey Athlete whose story will inspire you to overcome whatever challenge you are facing.

He was an accomplished marathoner, triathlete and even graced the cover of the Runner’s World ‘Body-Issue’. 2 years ago he was hit by a car on while riding his bike and became a paraplegic from the waist down. He tells us about the experience and how he set new goals and embraced new disciplines as a para-athlete

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Show Notes

– Follow Glen on Twitter @

– Glenn’s Cover Model Issue Cover

– Story about Glenn in Runner’s World

– what brought you back to training? did you ever have a moment where you didn’t want to race again, or was it always there?  // no matter what the circumstances are, it’s possible to thrive as an athlete.

– Training for wheel-chair based sport
   – Hand Cycle
    – how has training been different ? which is more exhausting?

– Photo of Glen’s spreadsheet
2006 NYC Marathon

– rehab and strength ?
   – Interesting Frame used to practice standing and help with tissue mobility/blood flow
                  *product like ‘easystand’

– 70.3 as TRI … how do they differentiate the run from the bike?
                   – use race chair for marathon portion = as here
                   – hand cycle is recumbant bike pedaled with hands for bike  (as here) 

– tips for other athletes who are struggling with injury/rehab or even just considering retirement b/c performance is lacking

– Will he consider para olympics?

– looking back, did it change how you approached the idea of relationships / racing / life?