Born to Run, Donkeys & Community – Christopher Mcdougall

Today Molly is extra excited because Christopher Mcdougall is on the show! He is the author of Born to Run and Natural Born Heroes, two amazing books you need to read as a consummate athlete!  We talk about all things outdoors, community, sport, and writing.


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Christopher McDougall
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Let’s start with your twitter bio: Author of BORN TO RUN and NATURAL BORN HEROES. Currently working on a new project with a donkey named Flower. Any spoilers on what the new book is going to be about? (

When you wrote Born To Run, what were you hoping the impact would be? What do you think made it hook people attention compared to a lot of books in the same genre?

So many people took up ultra running and swapped out to barefoot shoes (ahem Molly did both basically immediately)… How did that feel? (Did it seem like people missed the overall message?)

In both books, what was the initial *grab* for you—why those primary stories?

Of everyone you interviewed in both books, who are the two or three that stand out the most & why?

Anyone you wish you’d gotten to add in? Anyone you wish you left out?

Quickly for my nerdy edification: what does the general process look like for your book writing?

Going back to you—were you an athletic kid? What’s been your athletic life trajectory?

Which book got you in better shape?

What practices from either book do you still keep up?

What does training look like now?

What about eating? In BTR, the diets that sort of became noteworthy were largely vegan, and then in NBR, we got into foraging and being fat-adapted. Where are you now?

Mountain Running & Big Air Skiing – Julian Carr

Widely recognized for the biggest airs in skiing, Julian Carr has been featured in seven Warren Miller films, developing a reputation not only for big airs, but for all around skiing. He’s received a ‘Photo of the Year’ award from Powder Magazine, won the prestigious Sickbird Award on the Freeskiing World Tour, and he holds two world records in cliff height. Julian serves as an ambassador for Protect Our Winters ( POW ) as well as The Climate Reality Project, and he’s the founder of Discrete Clothing. Most recently, Julian founded a mountain running series, the Cirque Series, which is in its third season.

julian carr

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how did you start the transition to MTN running? and why add to an already crazy ski career?!

what you wish you’d known for your first race?

Why start the Cirque Series

Help! Downhill run tips?

uphill run tips?

what does a week of training for mountain running look like? hills/long runs/strength/yoga?

favorite gear for long races/mtn running must haves: shoes, vests, hats, poles, socks, etc.??

fueling for long races?

nutrition: you’re partnering wtih SP2 so obviously, you care about what you’re eating. Overall food philosophy?

Why SP2? how do you use it in a day?

What’s a day of eating usually look like for you?

you also have a clothing company & serve as an ambassador for a bunch of organizations. how do you balance it all?

last Q: discrete clothing boasts the best looking beanie. how does one make the best looking beanie?