Blood tests, Ultra-Running – Jonathan Levitt

Jonathan Levitt is an Ultra Runner from Boston who loves #RestDayBrags and works with InsideTracker a company that makes your blood testing and the analysis of your tests much easier. and use code CONSUMMATEATHLETE for 20% off
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Jonathan Levitt is a runner from Boston, MA who grew up hating running. Playing baseball and hockey, running was always the punishment, not the reward. After deciding to run a marathon after watching the 2013 Boston Marathon, now it’s the other way around! Jonathan works at InsideTracker (link: and loves to travel, which usually ends up being a good mix of both work and play!
Brad Stulberg Quote from Twitter Mentioned
“Research shows that sustainable progress in nearly every endeavor isn’t about being consistently great; it’s about being great at being consistent. It’s about being good enough over and over again.”