How to ENDURE – Alex Hutchinson

Author Alex Hutchinson joins us to talk about ‘ENDURE’ his new book about the elastic limits of endurance performance. His latest book details the various factors that lead to those amazing days when everything clicks. Why did you win that race? Why do we have horrible days?
alex hutchinson

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MINDFUL RUNNING with Mackenzie Havey

Mackenzie Havey joins us today. She is the author of the new book MINDFUL RUNNING and a long-time contributor to a variety of outlets, including Runner’s World, ESPN, The Atlantic, Outside Online, Triathlete, and others. I hold a graduate degree in sports psychology and am a USA Track and Field-certified coach and adjunct instructor for running courses at the University of Minnesota. Also, a 14-time marathoner, Ironman, and mom.
mackenzie havey
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Twitter: @mackenziehavey | Facebook: Mackenzie L. Havey (author site) | Instagram @mackenziehavey

Mackenzie’s Website

  1. Your background in running and writing
  2. I always get ‘how do I get your job’ questions, so I’d love to get your answer to that since we’re pretty similar!
  3. What made you choose to write Mindful Running?
  4. Who is this book for? What will someone get out of reading it?
  5. What is Mindful Running, exactly?
  6. You divide into 3 steps, focus, fathom and flow: can we run through these and dig into each a bit?
  7. I LOVE the rules of engagement (p47): can we run through them?
  8. How can someone start getting into it, without adding stress to runs?
  9. How can you use it from a racing perspective?
  10. Best apps/books/etc. for finding out more on mindfulness?