Your First Marathon: Luke Humphrey

Coach, Athlete and author Luke Humphrey from the Hansen’s-Brook Distance project and Hansen’s Coaching Services joins us today to talk about how to get into marathon running. Whether you are a new runner or experienced short distance runner this episode, and their book, will help you make the jump to distance running with less injury and better results.
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Why 16 miler?

 = frequency and weekly important
 = recovery to train again
 = very long

– What type of runner should be looking at a first marathon?

      – more people in sport, and new to running.

– How do you classify workouts?

   – Hansen philosophy
      => EASY vs. SOS (HARD) Running
      => EASY running is not hard(!) – time in feet .  1-1.5 – 2 slower than
        =>  run in range, not at limit
           – 12 x 400 or 8 x 600 or 3 x 1mile (3miles of work)
  b) later in plan
   strength wo => 10sec/mile faster than marathon (not 1/2marathon)
       – 3 x 2miles, 3-2-1 to get 6miles at pace
  c) TEMPO – Marathon pace 4-10 miles (could be 2 x 4 mile)
  d) Long run – both slow and SOS but long so take focus/difficult

Setting goals for first marathon

=hard without a PB/benchmark
=book has questions to tlook at self
= take 5k into calc -> try to beat ( tweak if good/struggle w. distance)
= Tempo workouts to prepare and gauge off workouts
= Want it to be positive
“Point of the plan is to get tired, but no so tired you get hurt”

– What about the other stuff ( strength, intervals, terrain, etc)

  = match course demands (hilly course)
 = strength as interested/needed
 = careful with speed wo on track

– Peaking / Specific phase before the big marathon race?

 = mileage pretty consistent (still 5 / week, slightly less vol/intensity)
 = don’t cut too much too soon
 = nutrition – watch matches decreased load (not as much as build week)
  = ok  to ‘carbo load’
 = 3miles or 30min whatever is less day before race

Get the Book – Hansons First Marathon Step Up to 26.2 the Hansons Way

Multi-Day Running – Emily Allan-Dakin

emily dakin
Emily Allan-Dakin is an athlete from Ontario, Canada, and she’s running the 895km Bruce Trail end to end in June to raise funds and awareness for Cystic Fibrosis. (only a few days away from finishing on schedule!
22 DAYS. 895 KM. 1 GOAL.
From June 10 to July 1, 2017, Emily Allan will run the length of the Bruce Trail, 895km from end to end, to raise funds and awareness for Cystic Fibrosis. Emily will run nearly a full marathon each day while aiming to raise over $13,425 ($15/km) for Cystic Fibrosis Canada.

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Over the past six years Emily has cycled across the Canadian Rockies twice, and in 2016 she rode around the perimeter of Prince Edward Island, all in support of CF. This year, however, she has decided to take on a new endeavor.
Running the entire Bruce Trail in three weeks means running an average of a marathon per day on some of Canada’s most technical hiking trails. It won’t be easy, but I know that Sarah will be on my shoulder, pushing me along the way. And I know that anything ‘hard’ that I experience will be nothing in comparison to what she went through. I know that any extra breaths I take will help make a difference, thanks to donations from people like you, towards ground-breaking research, treatment, and care so that others with CF can take more than 30% of the breaths of a full life.

 ->To donate and see the details of the route and progress
Emily & Dan:
Media Requests:


 What drew you to raising money to end CF?
Why the Bruce Trail? (And what is it for those who don’t know)
First attempt?
Any other long runs before this?
What are your goals for it?
Who/What will support this epic adventure?
How have you trained?
Biggest challenges you’re facing? Ryan Atkins recently tried and failed to set the Fastest known time—are you nervous?
Tips RE ultra running
Jan 9/2017 – Running Marathons with Aimee Shilling =

Glenn Hartrick – Triathlete relearns skills, thrives as a para-athlete

Glenn Hartrick is a New Jersey Athlete whose story will inspire you to overcome whatever challenge you are facing.

He was an accomplished marathoner, triathlete and even graced the cover of the Runner’s World ‘Body-Issue’. 2 years ago he was hit by a car on while riding his bike and became a paraplegic from the waist down. He tells us about the experience and how he set new goals and embraced new disciplines as a para-athlete

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Show Notes

– Follow Glen on Twitter @

– Glenn’s Cover Model Issue Cover

– Story about Glenn in Runner’s World

– what brought you back to training? did you ever have a moment where you didn’t want to race again, or was it always there?  // no matter what the circumstances are, it’s possible to thrive as an athlete.

– Training for wheel-chair based sport
   – Hand Cycle
    – how has training been different ? which is more exhausting?

– Photo of Glen’s spreadsheet
2006 NYC Marathon

– rehab and strength ?
   – Interesting Frame used to practice standing and help with tissue mobility/blood flow
                  *product like ‘easystand’

– 70.3 as TRI … how do they differentiate the run from the bike?
                   – use race chair for marathon portion = as here
                   – hand cycle is recumbant bike pedaled with hands for bike  (as here) 

– tips for other athletes who are struggling with injury/rehab or even just considering retirement b/c performance is lacking

– Will he consider para olympics?

– looking back, did it change how you approached the idea of relationships / racing / life?