Sven Nys – Hop Barriers, Corners, Longevity

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Molly got the chance to interview Sven Nys just before this year’s CrossVegas. This is a short episode but the questions and answers are jam packed with motivating advice from the cycling legend. Sven talks about his career, his success and his love of the sport. He gives best tips to hop barriers, corner, run up and stay healthy for many years of racing.



Sven Nys (Belgium) is one perhaps the greatest cyclocross racer of all-time. He has just retired and now manages the TeleNet Fidea team. Over his career Sven won 2 world championships and seven world-cups. He won 140 races over his career. Lesser known is that Sven participated in 2 olympics in mountain bike and also won the National MTB title 5x.   Read more on Sven Nys WIKIPEDIA

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1) for a long time you must live for your sport, not just for a short time.
3) jumping barriers – DON”T BUNNY HOP , lift the front wheel first
4 ) Runups – for steep hills or stairs – teach yourself how to handle bike on shoulder. be in balance on your shoulder. Train a lot on short climbs, very explosive.
5) Core strength – Peter may have been lurking on Sven in the gym . Core is for everyone, not just athletes. You ride your bike to get fit but you need the other work to stay injury free and have a good day on the bike