Cyclocross, Goals, Nutrition – Ellen Noble

Ellen Noble is a professional Cyclocross Racer for Trek Factory Racing. She has medaled at World Championships and was the first female to bunnyhop the barriers in a race (#BUNNYHOPTHEPATRIARCHY). Ellen chats about goal setting, coming back from a bad race, relationships to food with Molly and Peter.
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  • You started as a pretty serious consummate athlete as a kid: let’s go through the list of sports you used to play?
  • Finding Your Discipline – What made cycling special?
  • Why CX?
  • Process vs. Process Goals and How Overcome a Bad Race and maintain focus on long-term goals
  • IF you only could do 2 x 30 min workouts each week for Cyclocross, what would you do?
  • Learning the BunnyHop – how and how long?
  • Nutrition – Over the last couple years, you struggled to find a good balance in nutrition
  • Nationals coming up — excited?