Guiding Endurance Sport – Caroline Gaynor

KeyWords: Para-cycling, Parasport, guiding, tandems, paratriathlon, purpose, why, training Caroline Gaynor joins us to tell us about her adventures guiding visually impaired endurance athletes in Ironmans. She talks about training around a full-time job, how to find guiding opportunities and discusses the highs and lows of putting your energy into helping someone experience crossing the … Continue reading Guiding Endurance Sport – Caroline Gaynor

Being Consummate Athletes in BC: August 2017

Whistler—about two hours from Vancouver in beautiful British Columbia in Canada—is one of our favorite places on earth. Vancouver hosted the Winter Olympics, and Whistler was a big part of that. The mountain resort is home of Crankworx, Wanderlust and Ironman Canada, so as you would expect, it’s a popular destination! We’ve spend a few weeks … Continue reading Being Consummate Athletes in BC: August 2017


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