MTB, Training, Nutrition – World Champion Kate Courtney

Kate Courtney joins us to talk about her World Championship win in the Mountain Bike XCO (cross country Olympic) discipline and what went into that huge performance. If you want to watch Kate and the world’s best mountain biking athletes, tune in to Red Bull TV to catch all the action. If you enjoy the show, please consider … Continue reading MTB, Training, Nutrition – World Champion Kate Courtney

BackPacking, Camping, FKTs – Eric Batty

Eric Batty shares his camping experience on the show today. Eric has won the team 24 hours OCR Championships in Vegas, Set FKTs on many trails including the La Cloche Silhouette Trail in Killarney, raced mountain bike at an elite/pro level for many years and now works as an Arborist (he climbs up trees all … Continue reading BackPacking, Camping, FKTs – Eric Batty

Race Nerves – Q & A – May 2018

Today is a Q & A based on Molly’s Question posted on Instagram and Facebook about Race Nerves- Check out the instagram questions  Topics Covered:  The Whole Day: Warmup,s dressing, bike setup, DETAILS STRESS ME OUT SELF-TALK, how to warm up, how to be social at the race Start Line Nerves FAMILY: How to deal with kids … Continue reading Race Nerves – Q & A – May 2018

Sport Nutrition, Altitude, Heat – Stacy Sims

Dr. Stacy Sims joins us today to share her experience in altitude, heat and the sex differences in sports training and nutrition. Stacy has worked with many organizations including Clif-Bar, USA Cycling, Standford University and her own company Osmo nutrition. Follow Stacy Sims  Get ROAR – By Stacy Sims and Selene Yeager DOWNLOAD THIS CONSUMMATE … Continue reading Sport Nutrition, Altitude, Heat – Stacy Sims

All about Bike Packing – Paul Calandrella

Paul Calandrella joins us today to tell us all about Bike-Packing one of the hottest and growing disciplines in the bike industry. Molly just went on a big trip and has completely changed her view on bike packing … find out why! Check out REI for Bike Packing Gear  DOWNLOAD THIS CONSUMMATE ATHLETE EPISODE iTunes: … Continue reading All about Bike Packing – Paul Calandrella

Beyond Sweet Spot – Frank Overton

Cycling coach Frank Overton joins us to talk all things sweet spot, motor pacing and the importance of lifestyle factors like nutrition and sleep for masters athletes. You will learn about: sweet spot training, fatigue dependent training plan design, polarized training, race-specific training, MONK Mode, nutrition & lifestyle, using the WHOOP like a power meter for your … Continue reading Beyond Sweet Spot – Frank Overton

Daily Routines for Athletic Success

Today is a Q&A episode – we talk about the different approaches to morning routines and habits to help set busy people up for success in their consummate athlete lifestyle. We share our favorite apps, work-a-rounds for travel and different variations that Peter’s busy clients have used to get better recovery and performance for their … Continue reading Daily Routines for Athletic Success

Healthy KickStart + Christmas Challenge Winners

Today we talk about: The Winners of our ConsummateAthleteChristmas Challenge New Years, Resolutions strategies and tactics the 7 Day Kickstart Program <- signup here Check out the Show Notes at Subscribe and Rate on Itunes (please!) – Support the Podcast via Wide Angle Podium -> The Show is sponsored by:HEALTH IQ  Want to … Continue reading Healthy KickStart + Christmas Challenge Winners