Ironman Postmortem Episode

what we learned training for Ironman and how to apply to your own big scary goals.


BC BIKE RACE and World Bicycle Relief – Renee Lockey and Claire Geiger

Renee Lockey and Claire Geiger tell us about doing BC Bike Race – a 7-day mountain bike stage race, as a team and also about World Bicycle Relief a charity helping get bikes to girls in Malawi to help them achieve their educational dreams, build self-esteem, break the cycle of poverty, and reduce HIV infections. … Continue reading BC BIKE RACE and World Bicycle Relief – Renee Lockey and Claire Geiger

Triathlon, Nutrition & Balance – Nicole Loher

Nicole Loher joins us to talk about triathlon, eating for health and performance, getting up early, fashion vs. fitness and how it all fits together in ‘balance’. Follow Nicole on Instagram    DOWNLOAD THIS CONSUMMATE ATHLETE EPISODE iTunes: RSS/Play Live/Google: MP3: DOWNLOAD   Check out to learn about the upcoming book series by Molly Hurford … Continue reading Triathlon, Nutrition & Balance – Nicole Loher

How to Swim FASTER – Sheila Taormina

Sheila Taormina joins us to talk swimming fast. Her book ” Swim Speed Secrets for Swimmers and Triathletes: Master the Freestyle Technique Used by the World’s Fastest Swimmers” was a big start of Peter’s preparation for Ironman and has some really actionable drills and concepts. We talk about many of them today. Get Sheila’s new … Continue reading How to Swim FASTER – Sheila Taormina

Healthy KickStart + Christmas Challenge Winners

Today we talk about: The Winners of our ConsummateAthleteChristmas Challenge New Years, Resolutions strategies and tactics the 7 Day Kickstart Program <- signup here Check out the Show Notes at Subscribe and Rate on Itunes (please!) – Support the Podcast via Wide Angle Podium -> The Show is sponsored by:HEALTH IQ  Want to … Continue reading Healthy KickStart + Christmas Challenge Winners

MINDFUL RUNNING with Mackenzie Havey

Mackenzie Havey joins us today. She is the author of the new book MINDFUL RUNNING and a long-time contributor to a variety of outlets, including Runner’s World, ESPN, The Atlantic, Outside Online, Triathlete, and others. I hold a graduate degree in sports psychology and am a USA Track and Field-certified coach and adjunct instructor for … Continue reading MINDFUL RUNNING with Mackenzie Havey

Boundless Adventure – Paul Trebilcock

The Boundless adventurer Paul Trebilcock joins us today to talk about doing lots of sports, finding adventure and making a TV show. So many great take-a-ways today to apply to your life and favorite sports. Check out the Show Notes at Subscribe and Rate on Itunes (please!) – Support the Podcast via Wide Angle … Continue reading Boundless Adventure – Paul Trebilcock

How to Triathlon – Rich Pady

Triathlon, Ironman, Swim, Bike, Run, Training, Coaching We are joined by Triathlon coach Rich Pady today. Rich is based in Orangeville, Ontario and has helped many Triathletes reach their goals in all distances of Triathlon. An exceptional Triathlete during his own career Rich shares his experience and those of his coaching clients in this episode. … Continue reading How to Triathlon – Rich Pady

Optimize Performance with Sports Psych – Traci Stanard

Traci Stanard, a Sports Psychology Consultant, joins us from New Jersey today. She consults with athletes on their mental ‘game’ through her business Aspire Performance. She was a youth gymnast with intense training schedules before going to college and taking up cycling. We talk today about How a masters athlete or recreational athlete can use … Continue reading Optimize Performance with Sports Psych – Traci Stanard