Environment and Plastics – Usman Valiante

Usman Valiante a Policy Analyst. Usman joins us to discuss plastics and the environment. Usman has worked to develop and spread the concept of a circular economy for plastics. A concept that moves beyond simply reduce, reuse and recycle. Please see the show notes for links to documents and videos.
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Bio – how did you become involved in policy?

Can you define Industrial ecology / circular economy?

  •    how does it differ from reduce/re-use/recycle?

Why have ‘targeted’ Plastics? versus other pollutants/practice?


  •   Dealing with externalities of development / producing things. Water, solid waste
  • Asian markets have taken on much of our waste in the past, how is this changing and will it change incentives/externalities?

Policy is largely on the government but what are consumers responsible for in terms of plastics/environmental evolution?

Sport and waste

Smart prosperity institute – a vision circular view for plastics (download report )
talk presentaiton by Usman

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