Marco Altini on HRV and Training

The multi-talented Marco Altini returns to answer top listener questions about HRV and also to provide a few updates on the latest research around apply HRV to sport and recovery.

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Define HRV

Getting started with HRV – what does someone who wants to try it need? 

When to measure – Night vs. Day-time

Using the data 

HRV-guided: full story (from Kivinemi et al. to the latest work of Javaloyes et al., + his future work), how to use HRV to guide training and improve performance, what we have learnt from different studies

The biggest mistake people when recording HRV

 –  insights for teams from Sherman et al. (looping back to the protocol), discuss endurance vs team sports differences for data acquisition (could add guidelines for teams)
  • confounding factor – first thing in bed minimal other stuff, no social media

Easiest analysis we should keep an eye on once we have a few weeks of data baseline? 

  • Training adaptations: Flatt et al. + Marco’s current research with Dutch triathlon (training load, coefficient of variation)

Listener question = training efficiency and hrv = resting hr??? coefficient – stable

Menstrual cycle and HRV: Patricia Doyle-Baker and her group, expected changes in different phases, implications for practitioners

  • decrease hrv across the cycle, inactive women –
  • subjective feeling

Closing on ideas for future research

(mindfulness and biofeedback, acute vs chronic changes), other psychological aspects (HRV as a mediating factor between load and injury as we have seen in Williams et al.)

Past HRV episodes

Past articles by Marco of HRV4Training

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