Training Sick, Sleep and Sustainability

Today we discuss your questions about training with the cold or flu, how to get better sleep and the environmental sustainability of training and racing.
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-Training with a cold / flu / also stressing about not training (week / month)

  • Prevention and Treatment of the Common Cold – LINK to Study
  • Wash your hands!
  • Go to Doctor if not getting better in 2-3 weeks (typical cold 3-7 days, some up to 21)
  • – look at how hard you are training before/between sicknesses and really ease back in – think long term
  • Phil Maffetone Big Book of endurance 
complaints that many athletes have, which are often considered normal in the course of training and competition but, in fact, are not. Fatigue, injury, allergies and asthma, frequent colds, and other complaints indicate an imbalance of health, often due to neglecting health and pushing fitness.
The Big Book of Endurance by Phil Maffetone – Page 21


-How to sleep better?

    –    7 day HABITS kickstart email 
   – careful focusing on Getting to sleep
    -controllable factors
    -look at your day, how are you winding down?

-Sustainability vs. being a racer

  • mentioned upcoming episode with Usman Valiante (see him speak here)
  • race local
  • use your gear as long as possible / donate old gear to youth programs vs throwing out or even goodwill bins
  • train local when possible or at least plog (pick up garbage) while running trials you had to drive to
  • look for races that have sustainability programs
  • BYO cup for running events
  • look for opportunities to give back / recycle/reduce footprint elsewhere, i.e bike commuting and trail cleanups ( Toronto has a Don Valley trail cleanup group )

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