Polarization & Periodization – What You Need to Know

Today we answer a few questions and work through what Periodization and Polarization are and how either may or may not apply to non-pro athletes with limited time to train.
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What is Periodization??

“In this respect, the essence of a periodized training program design is to skillfully combine different training methods to yield better results than can be achieved through exclusive or disproportionate use of a single method”


-Discuss: Example of Periodization for the cyclist who ONLY wants to race cyclocross

What is Polarization

“Training largely at a lower intensity (not easy) typically called zone 1 (under first Ventilatory threshold, <2mm Lactate), some/little/no training at threshold (between VT1-2)  and remaining 15-20% of sessions are intervals/HIIT above the VT2 (threshold) This is opposed Threshold Training that focuses more on the area between the two ventilatory thresholds or ‘Zone 2’ ” 

“About 75% of their training sessions are performed with essentially the entire session below the first ventilatory threshold (≤2.0 mM blood lactate). In 5–10% of training sessions, major portions of the training are performed between VT1 and VT2. The remaining 15–20% of training sessions are performed as interval bouts, with substantial periods of work above VT2.”

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