Boost Your Mental Game – Sam Hale

Today we talk to Sam Hale, of Launch Peak Performance, about how he coaches athletes on their mental game.
sam hale on honing your mental game
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  • LAUNCH Peak Performance can be found on Facebook (LAUNCH Peak Performance Oklahoma) and Twitter (@LAUNCH_OK) and their website is LAUNCH focuses on individual athletes by providing Mental Game Coaching and Neurofeedback services, and LAUNCH can custom design half day or full day seminars for teams. Contact LAUNCH Peak Performance at 918.578.9990 or visit their website to schedule your first Mental Game Coaching session!


  1. INTRO: Mentioned Molly’s New Book – The Sponsorship Guide for Athletes
  2.          – mentioned Molly’s Gift Guides on the Outdoor Edit 
  3. Sam’s BIO
  4. mental game – mental part of their game
  5.  KIDS – when confidence lower, Build a ‘COnfidence resume”
  6. Practice long term home work  == Three R – Recognize, regroup, refocus
  7.  relevant cues
  8. Neurofeedback – in person
  9. Perfectionism and failure
  10. Goal setting – lack of clarity , smart goals
  11. Should/should not
  12. Goal setting – lack of clarity – smart goals
  13. Negative self-talk – rebuttal for negative
  14. Focus cues – plan A and B
  15. New years resolutions – weight vs. performance goals
  16. Holistic goals/training – think about who, what and where!
  17. Book recommendations

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