Ski Jumping + Mountain Running – Sarah Hendrickson

Sarah Hendrickson is the first female to ever jump in a ski jumping event at the Olympics. She talks about Ski Jumping and Mountain Running, training and nutrition for a dual-sport athlete, as well as the choice to take a season off and what coming back to peak performance after time away involves.
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Day-to-day as a pro ski jumper? Food and # of Training.

The First female to ever jump in a ski jumping event at the Olympics!!!

Red Bull 400 Running event

A Break in 2018 + planning to come back for 2019 season.

What does a week of training look like?

With the Olympics so far out, what does a year of competition look like?

Strength training?

Diet and nutrition? How has it changed over the years?

Active Family

Power of Passion


inequality for women: gender pay gap in ski jumping World Cups?

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