Coping with Injury, Numb Hands, Workout Frustration & Starting Strength

Today we discuss your questions about
 – Hand numbness on the bike
 – dealing with an injury that keeps you from your main sport
– Getting frustrated with a workout
 – Moving indoors and/or switching between power meters
 – starting strength – do you need perfect form or instruction?
injury recovery
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1) Injured and can’t ride: How do you keep fitness (or at least avoid weight gain)?

2) Frustration indoors and/or with devices and/or with following a plan

 a) Did you change the device, or setting or switch environment? then do the workout and assess later.
 b) How would I do this outside? are you doing something odd/extra that is making this weird/more difficult than it needs to be or add more rules? (what are you saying “SHOULD” about … you “SHOULD” do more watts … why??? )
 b) If I had no data and did this workout would  I feel the same way? or would I just work hard and get it done?
 c) 80% is a passing grade. Nothing is perfect.
 d) 90% of life is showing up. Many people won’t even start … so start!

2 Power meters  – moving from outdoors to indoors

  • can use both (one on device, one on screen) but choose which you will record and guide training by.
  •  Remember  cooling and fueling

3) NUMB hand (Pinky) after long mtb ride/races


4) Getting started with strength training—do I actually need someone to help with form?

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