Megan Roche – Training Happy, Injury, Failure and Dogs

Doctor, Coach and Elite Trail runner Meghan Roche joins us to talk about being a happy runner, dealing with failure, injury, balancing work+training, body image and … dogs.
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  • BIO The brief athletic history, how did you get to where you are now? Doc or coach or runner when introing yourself to someone these days?
  • Body image and weight as a runner was a big section on the happy runner and really focused on your journey—could you talk about it a bit, where you were then and how you look at weight now?
  • How do you walk the line of eating healthy vs eating whatever the F ==> How have you seen this work with someone who is trying to lose weight? Especially someone who is time-limited and just can’t ‘outrun a bad diet’
  • Injury — esp as a doc and coach and an athlete, how do you approach?
  • Speaking of being a doc coach and athlete, how are you balancing it? I know on at least one podcast I listened to with you, your training sounded a little bananas, sneaking it in while doing long shifts
  • Dealing with race day things not going according to plan?
  • Dealing with a race “failure”
  • Staying optimistic in general—how did you make the decision to be ‘happy runners’?  => For busy age-group/masters athletes who are finding training and fitting in family tough is there a way that this happy runner mindset can help get through training and to race day in better shape (versus being super Type-A serious?)
  • For clients/runners who aren’t super motivated and would prefer to sit on the couch, how can the happy runner approach help? Is it ok if they never train?
  • TECHNICAL RUNNING – Uphill and downhill tips
  • You and David have Addie, the cutest dog ever, but she’s not a big runner. Can you give a quick pitch as to why we need a dog?

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