Cyclocross 101, Warmups, Skills, Getting over a Crash

Today we discuss your questions about Cyclocross, cyclings fall/winter discipline.

We discuss:
– what is cyclocross
– Warming up and course preview
– what is skill practice for cyclocross
– dealing with double race weekends
– some easy tips/tricks and hacks to make your weekend and riding better

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Best warmup for a 45- minute race?
  •  rehearse in your workouts!
  • depends on weather, your expo setup and pre-ride windows/needs
How to approach course previewing?
  •   Think about the demands of race day in your workouts!
  • Typical pre-ride then change/clean and then ride the trainer for specific warmup 15-30min w. 3-5 x 45sec (or your preferred wu!)
  • check out online video/photo/preview / social media of course setup
What to do in skills session? I know remount/dismount, but what else is worth it?
Do you need a post-race cool down?
  •  somewhat subjective if HIGH exertion/breathing rate/emotion/arousal then likely good to spin down for 5-10 min
  • if racing the next day spin down for a while.
  • Generally, avoid abrupt changes like sprint finish to driving home for hours sitting in car!
If you’ve had a bad crash recently, what are some tips to getting over the hump mentally?
  •  concussion protocol might be nice way to think of return to sport generally
  • slow first, get in successful rides wanting more
Racing double days—how to manage? (during weekend + in training)
  •  consider why racing twice in a day
  • consider why racing double weekend – cleanup , downtime, when can be recovered/train n ext (when are important events)
  • cooldown, fuel pre/post and later again meal, bike cleanup at venue if possible (esp. if in a condo or hotel)
Molly’s cheap gear hacks: weed sprayer + latex gloves are key!
Trek Cyclocross world cup
– Connect with Molly there ( mollyjhurford on twitter and instagram) or ask around the Wide Angle Podium Tent in the Trek Expo area.

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