Hydration, Pivoting with Injury, Picking up new sports – Andy Blow

Andy Blow is a true consummate athlete having learned, competed and trained for football (soccer), triathlons, kayaking and along the way earned a degree, founded a business and raised a healthy family.
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Athletic BIO and Choosing School based on sport

  • SOCCER, Football, not destined for greatness, did some xc-running,
  • PROFESSIONAL BIO: U of Bath was Triathalon Focus

Partner/ Pairs Racing

  • as a thing to do to spice up the sport after done with ‘serious’ racing = Adventure racing, pairs ultra run, stage-mtb racing.
  • working together, being stronger, mixing skills etc.
  • Unique bond with people going through adversity


  • He juggles married life with two children, works and continuing to train at a very decent level.
  • Training is low on the hierarchy of family/work. 4-5 hrs in general – swim 2-3x a week, run 3-4x a week
  • Quality over Quantity, simply due to confines
  • 2hr runs occasionally when have time
  • Goal swim runs are 4-8 hours –> good enough to get around
  • Train in the morning almost always to preserve night time routine = SLeep prioritized overtraining


  • Andy struggled much of his  career
  • The doctor noticed he sweat a lot and heavy sweat rate. Did a sweat test and sweat composition was very high
  • Salt likely involved in many cramps, not always an electrolyte issue but good evidence that sodium/electrolyte can often help.

Is there a downside to sodium?

PICKING up sports quickly

  • Kayak, find friends to help, use injury to guide new sports learning
  • using a block-based, or getting obsessed with a new skill.
  • Don’t just dabble but go all in for a constrained amount of time


  • Andy’s main focus nowadays is Swimrun and he’s competing at the OTILLO World Swimrun Championships with another PH member of staff, James, at the beginning of September. (they finished 3rd at the OTILLO Swimrun Scilly Isles event last month!).
  • generally a duo/pairs race- can help to be tethered (can help with warmth)
  • Tips for Swim in cold water- Now the ‘kit’ is much better, better running form and thicker for warmth in key places.
  • Can wear a neoprene vest and a headband,

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