Fueling for Track, donut rides, charity rides + hydration

Today we discuss nutrition for a host of different events ranging from multi-day track events, multi-day charity events and ‘donut’ rides that push riders to go fast while also consuming a lot of food (or food quickly!). Hydration importance and strategies.
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R. Asks about multi-day/event fueling 

“How should one recommend figuring out nutrition, and ideas to try, for long multi-day, multi-event competitions like track Nationals?”
Lots of athletes go into these important events where they want to perform well, just winging it. Unfortunately, there are not many opportunities to experiment with the format (maybe twice a year), where there might be 5 or 8 hard races over 2.5 Days. They might be short, from a 250m sprint to a 20min bunch race, but they are intense and require long warmups and cooldowns.

A. Asks about Donut Rides

I’m entered in the Donut Derby race in a couple weeks. It’s a 36-mile race with stops at 12 & 24 miles, where you get a 3-minute bonus for every donut you consume. How should I go about training for this? I suppose the key is being able to wolf down a donut in less than 3 minutes.

N. Asks about fueling a long, multi-day charity ride

Riding the R2NY in 4 weeks. 800km in 5 days….it’s a ride, not a race and there will be stops for lunch and support but need suggestions for fueling when riding 160km per day. bloat appetite.

Does Hydration Matter?


How important is proper hydration for athletes? How much is enough?

position stands



. The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) recommendations for sodium levels (340 mg) represent the amount of sodium in less than 1/8 teaspoon of salt and recommended guidelines for sodium ingestion during exercise (300–600 mg per hour or 1.7–2.9 g of salt during a prolonged exercise bout) [158,159,160,161].

 Exercise performance can be significantly impaired when 2% or more of body weight is lost through sweat (i.e., a 1.4 kg body weight loss from a 70-kg athlete). When one considers that average sweat rates are reported to be 0.5–2.0 L/hour during exercise and training [128162], performance losses due to water loss can occur after just 60–90 min of exercise. Further, weight loss of more than 4% of body weight during exercise may lead to heat illness, heat exhaustion, heat stroke, and possibly death [128]. For this reason, it is critical that athletes adopt a mind set to prevent dehydration first by promoting optimal levels of pre-exercise hydration. Throughout the day and without any consideration of when exercise is occurring, a key goal is for an athlete to drink enough fluids to maintain their body weight. Next, athletes can promote optimal pre-exercise hydration by ingesting 500 mL of water or sports drinks the night before a competition, another 500 mL upon waking and then another 400–600 mL of cool water or sports drink 20–30 min before the onset of exercise. Once exercise commences, the athlete should strive to consume a sufficient amount of water and/or glucose-electrolyte solutions (i.e., sports drinks) during exercise to maintain hydration status. Consequently, to maintain fluid balance and prevent dehydration, athletes need to plan on ingesting 0.5 to 2 L/hour of fluid to offset weight loss. This requires frequent (every 5–15 min) ingestion of 12–16 fluid ounces of cold water or a sports drink during exercise [128163,164,165,166]. A


Pre-Race meals – how far out to digest?

position stand – https://jissn.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12970-018-0242-y

and here with more info about the variation in approach (ie. try different strategies in training to optimize for you and your event!


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