Racing Multiple Disciplines with Juliet Elliot + Bonus Colorado Classic Interview

Today we compile two interviews with two amazing women. One with Juliet Elliot on Racing all sorts of bikes and one with Lucy Diaz, the COO of the Colorado Classic race, talking about this women’s only race. 
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Colorado Classic COO, Lucy Diaz

  • August 22-25th, 2019 will see the Colorado Classic presented by VF Corporation return to the roads of Colorado. This year, however, is for the women.
  • Take the pledge:

Juliet Elliott

  • When someone not in the industry asks what you do, how do you explain? (everyone should read your about me page, because it’s amazing.


  • How has the digital landscape changed since you started?


  • First race in 2015, but you were already a pro snowboarder, then a messenger-how did it translate?


  • Current favorite cycling discipline


  • How do you stay race ready for so many different disciplines?


  • What does a week home training look like? Strength (crossfit) core yoga walking


  • tips for: fixie -gravel -bikepacking -cx -MTB -road -dirt jumping, multi-way events


  • Nutrition practices


  • Tips for traveling to events and being race ready? Best travel accessories?


  • Any daily rituals you’ve stuck with for a long time? (In the Bicycling mag cover story, it opens with you sitting down once a week wiht a weekly planner—do you still do that?)


  • How has becoming a parent changed training ?


  • Your partner is also a cyclist—how have you balanced your training racing and goals with his?


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