Retirement, Zones, Weight Loss, Running while Riding

Peter and Molly discuss your questions today:
– What to do when you stop competing!? Imposter Syndrome etc.
– What are my HR Zones, how to set, race maximum vs. training max?
– weight loss – loose 5 lbs?
– How to run and ride at the same time?
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1-I was wondering if perhaps you could in the future bring up the subject of quitting the competition and dealing with that?  body image, FOMO, imposter syndrome, etc for people that have to stop competitive sports in general.

2-Anybody who is a runner also juggles running with cycling? How do you know which days to ride and when it’s okay to be running?


Is there a difference between racing maximum heart rate and training maximum heart rate.  I know the adrenaline during the race can play a role, just not sure how much. While out riding, I don’t reach the maximum heart rate I see some times during a race. So the question is, which maximum HR should I go by when training?


As for my weight, currently I’m at 160 lbs and for next season I would like to be at a hydrated weight of 155 lbs (or less).

 – assess time line and what you have to loose and why 5lbs (vs. gain muscle?)
– what will you change in your day to day for nutrition and exercise/movement/habits (think small over time!)
– find things you enjoy that make for better habits!

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