RANGE – Being A Generalist – David Epstein

Author David Epstein joins us to talk about being a generalist. Someone who has a variety of experiences in athletics, school or areas of life that allow them to make connections that a specialist may not make. As a Consummate Athlete listener, you should be very excited about this topic and David’s Book – Range –
range david epstein
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  • David’s Athletic Background

  • Sport specialization- 


  • Sampling jobs like dating


  • Fun Friday’s / sampling Saturday’s and Monday Notes


  • Sport centers/teams/coaches where best athletes seem to cluster … is it in the water? 
  • Dropping tools analogy “It is the very unwillingness of people to drop their tools that turns some of these dramas into tragedies.”

  • In the book a quote from Oliver Smithies = “Take your skills and apply them to a new problem, or take your problem and try completely new skills
  • advice from book – “So, about that one sentence of advice: Don’t feel behind.””Compare yourself to yourself yesterday, not to younger people who aren’t you. Everyone progresses at a different rate, so don’t let anyone else make you feel behind. You probably don’t even know where exactly you’re going, so feeling behind doesn’t help.”
  • On enthusasium when attending something, getting coaching = “You have to carry a big basket to bring something home.”
  • On getting Old
  • What advice would you give a masters aged athlete trying to stay competitive?

  • On Reading Research


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