Trail Running, Camping & Cooking – Morgan Sjogren

Morgan Sjogren talks to Molly about Trail Running, Camping, Cooking while camping and … Living Outlandish.
Morgan Sjogren on Trail Running, Camp Cooking + Living Outlandish
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  • When people ask what you do, how do you describe it?

  • What inspired writing Outlandish? Have to ask, how did the writing process look from the road?

  • A lot of people have the urge to do what you’re doing but can’t make the leap: how did you get going?

  • Why trails from track?

  • Trail and distance running tips?

  • What gear comes on every trip? How did you pare down to just what fit in the jeep?

  • I love your lists of backpacking and car camping tools—what are 5 tools you would never travel without?

  • A lot of the recipes in the book are perfect for super-active days, and it’s actually really refreshing to see a cookbook that isn’t vegan or paleo or ultra-clean… but what does a normal day of eating look like for you?

  • Out of every story you wrote about in the book, which was the most fun to relive?

  • Best and worst parts of living out of the jeep?

  • Your photos are gorgeous, and I know some are from a photog, but any great photo tips for the rest of us?


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