Time-Limited Cx Training, Healthy Veg, routines, getting old

Today we discuss: 
 – Stand-up desks and recovery
– Training for cyclocross with limited time
– sticking to routines – any tricks?
– healthy eating while vegetarian?
– Aging Athletes – strategies and changes needed?
Training for CX, Sticking to Routines + Healthy Eating for Vegetarians
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  • Michael How do standup desks affect recovery? I’m a 53 yo male CXer. I have an office job and stand until my legs get tired and then sit until my back hurts. Mon and Fri are easy days, Tue, Thu & Sat are hard days. Wed&Sun are usually endurance. WAP Subscriber BTW.
  • Alex: If i race 40 minute cross races and can get on the trainer 4 times a week but can’t get the seemingly mandatory 3 hour weekend ride in am I doomed?
  • Joe: Vegetarian and trying to eat “good”. Suggestions, pointers, steer-clear, etc. Willing to cut back on cookies and beers.
  • hanna: how do you manage to stay focused on training when first starting a full time job?
  • Jes: Any tips on getting into a consistent routine and sticking with it, i.e the morning core?

– Try Molly’s Core 

Try peter’s anwhere core http://smartathlete.ca/new-anywhere-core-video/  

-Pair habits

-Listen to Getting things done episode 

  • Steve: How do nutrition, training and recovery need to changed after the age of 50?

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