Fueling in Heat, Race Season CTL, Fading

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Topics Covered:
– Fueling in the heat
– Cyclocross bike fit + numb hands 
– Fueling after Late night training
– Race season Training Load Decrease, Will I lose all my fitness?!?!
– In season strength options
– Is it bad to Fade in intervals (or races?), when to fade when to go steady?
fueling in the heat, CTL, interval efforts + more
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  1. Choosing your food/fueling in hot weather?

Food for when it’s hot on the bike that won’t melt (that aren’t gels/chews)
—How to change food/drink as temps rise
  1. CX fit makes hands numb

Hand tingling/numbness on CX bike not on touring bike
  1. fueling TRAINING AT NIGHT ???  milk + fruit

  1. Not training as much during the week

– I have noticed that my CTL score has gone down a bit in the last few weeks. I just wanted to make sure that I was putting enough efforts and that I am where I should be?

5. During weight/core sessions, as I progress, should I keep reps at 12 and increase weights or focus on doing more reps with the same amount of weight? in season

6) with intervals (or races) is it better to have the last one be the best or better to have it be the worst?

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