Recovery Fuel, FOMO, Imperfect Training

Molly and Peter discuss several questions today – thanks for your questions and comments!
Discussed today: 
– saddle issues on the trainer
– Fueling recovery in the hours-days after big workouts and races
– FOMO – missing out on big training + social media
– Getting lightheaded/bonking on MTB but not road?!??!
– How to train when weather or context (hills etc) not perfect
eating for recovery, training imperfectly, fomo
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Saddle area numbness on the trainer

Eating for recovery – post race/day after

80% is a passing grade

Training when sick

  • neck check – fatigue/function off bike as a guide   (motivation, energy, sleep) ->
  • worse then yesterday?
  • HRV  / HR ???


– fear of missing out while you do your training or while you recover
– Not taking rest days and jumping into every group ride/weekly race derails many well-intentioned racers.
  • strava and instagram –
– Molly’s coach David Roche wrote a F.O.M.O. article that

trouble with energy on mtb rides but not road/gravel


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