Training with Power – Hunter Allen

Coach Hunter Allen joins us to share the latest in training for cycling with power. This is a deep dive into cycling training and pulls from the new 3rd edition of Training and Racing with a Power Meter.
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What is Hunter Up to?

New Power Metrics – Can you take us through a couple of the metrics? ( mFTP , FRC and TTE?) 

  •   WKO+ =
  • Coggan Power Levels ( zones ) over FTP not everyone the same
  • Power Profile – Phenotype
  • mFTP – power quasi steady state ~1hr
  • FRC – Functional Reserve Capacity (anaerobic capacity, vo2, Pmax ) work above FTP (in kilojoules) *like a NOS button*  14.2 … move decimal for 1400 watts for 10 sec or 20sec for 700sec ***recharge back under FTP – understand depth into strengths and weaknesses — fatigue = lower
  • Pmax – Neuromuscular power (ability to contract quikly and with most force) –> this is one pedal stroke (left/right) NOT 1 second (due to sampling error)  – test 3 small/big ring sprints
  • TTE –

The book has some new plans and workouts focused on raising FTP … any secrets you can tease?

  •  triathletes – swim and run
  • masters  – time constained = workouts sweet spot w. bursts – 2min sweet spot then burst at 120sec for 30sec (for 20-40min)
  • how to peak

The Art of pacing – How can power meters be used more effectively to pace triathlons and steadier distance cycling endurance events?

  • goal of bike leg to go as fast as you can and still run as fast as you can (not walk?)
  • slow pedaling  – force affect run
  • quadrant analysis  –
  • Methods to test power duration and pinpoint weaknesses in a variety of race distances ( Do you find that many athletes end up with a TT profile?)


Hey Peter, excited to listen to the latest CA pod! My question revolves around having a powermeter on one bike (or an indoor trainer, as most folks do now). If you have a handful of bikes and only one with a PM, how does this play into logging trends in fitness over time? TSS will almost always “read” higher than hrTSS for anything but a TT-like effort. How do you consolidate both to make it useful information?
  •  use other factors as well (HRV)



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