Imposter Syndrome, Training in Race Season + Bunny Hops

Today we discuss your questions:
– Dealing with Imposter Syndrome at races/events
– How to train during race season?
– How to figure out what to do with all the Pro ‘advice’ and studies?
– Bunny Hops?
imposter syndrome, race season week planning + bunnyhops
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1) First races of the season for us!

—> any lessons?

2) Shred Girls – Molly’s New Book is OUT!

3) Molly has been on podcasts – check them out!


3) Imposter Syndrome

That feeling when you race with people that have better results/finishes/higher category.. I think. “what am I doing up here?” Or “I shouldn’t be up here”..
What, if anything besides thinking positively, can I do about this?

4) How to Train during race season?

 – Now that we’re into the racing season I have no idea what I should be doing between races and to maintain fitness
recovery and not to many races!

5) Should You Do What the Pros Do?

I’ve been reading a lot of pro training and nutrition diary articles lately—should I follow their plan?
  • What is Your Point A and Point B ? (where are you now, where do you want to go)
  • You are likely not at zero – you have experience – train for an extended time!

6) I’ve been having trouble figuring out bunnyhops, help!

7) Molly has been on podcasts – check them out!

Shred Girls is now out – on Amazon or at Your Local Bookseller

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