MTB Stage Racing + Gravel Grinding – Geoff Kabush

Professional Mountain Biker Geoff Kabush joins the podcast for a second time to talk about training for different events, MTB Stage Racing tips, Gravel Grinding strategies (DK200!), Beer+Pushups, how we should deal with doping and finally on what keeps him training and racing over the years (hint: Fun, Community, Challenges)
Geoff Kabush on MTB Stage Racing + Gravel Grinding
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Past Episode with Geoff Kabush on Consummate Athlete

GK update-

 where are you and what are your big projects this year?

Training – changes from xco days?

– Curious if you have stopped doing anything as you have shifted a bit away from xco
– Anything different in terms of intervals or volume you do ahead of a XCO vs. Enduro vs. stage racing?
– Importance of breaks and recovery –
– How soon to train after race

 Altitude racing and training?

–  careful  pacing careful training- altitude help link
– be healthy

Gravel bike setup

– Tires (type/pressure/width), bags/food carrying
– Dirty Kanza
– Breck then spd gravel

Stage race MTB – tires, gear/bags,

         – food/calories per hour you use?
             –  pack –>
                      –> simple –
                      —> Gameplay


      – Geoff Tweet on doping? (tweet post about Betsema)

What Keeps You Going? Setting Goals?

 – Goals – How do you think about goals at different events now?
               – e.g. Sea Otter where you have sprinted for the win in the past versus racing for a (Still very impressive) 10th last week?
                      -> Starting on 2nd and 3rd rows … different strategy?

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