Athlete Body Image – Danelle Kabush

Danelle Kabush Ph.D. is a Registered Clinical Counsellor & Mental Performance Consultant. She returns to the show to discuss athletic body image, parenting, and RED-S, a recent development, and expansion of the ‘female athlete triad’.
danelle kabush
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Danelle Kabush Ph.D. is a Registered Clinical Counsellor & Mental Performance Consultant learn about her services for one-on-one councilling and group presentations on her website


CSI Pacific Victoria

= Taking Hip Hop Dance Class

= Body Image, Social Media, Parenting

Young girls and really all athletes dealing with how they look or how they should look. What we should/shouldn’t do for ourselves + for kids?
How does one parent girls so that they become happy lifelong resilient athletes (or just happy resilient people, they don’t even need to be “athletes”) with a healthy relationship to their bodies and their weight where they can celebrate what their bodies can do without feeling inadequate as people for what their bodies don’t look like?

Fighting for 1% gains before getting the 99%

What is Red-S?

Parenting and Body Image

  • Parenting by example –
  • Parenting when questions like ‘would you tell me if I was gaining weight’  or ‘Am I getting fat’
  • Coaching ‘questions around power:weight and seeing (seemingly) small/light athletes winning (especially younger age groups)

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