Real Life Consummate Athlete – James Slauson

Today we interview one of our listeners to find out how incorporating more movement and sports into his life has changed his health and fitness. James Slauson MD is a doctor who has been a supportive listener of our show and truly a consummate Athlete. As a busy doctor and life-long endurance athlete, we can all learn from his experiences finding balance and health within a hectic and successful professional life.
james slauson
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running for a tight schedule working as a Doctor

frequency of training

hrv4training app – quantify

zombiesRUN app


diet – nutrition research

Making changes in your life/behavior

– dramatic changes – not huge tweaks –

Quotes by James!

The Game of Life = which you can’t win, but should play

2 Most Important Books

**shift work, night work as a risk for health (WHO isolated) –

family genetics – maybe just family environment


2 thoughts on “Real Life Consummate Athlete – James Slauson

  1. Reminds me of how lucky I am to have Jim in my life, he has been such a great role model and friend! I’m fortunate that we have conversations like this every time we get together.

    Jim, touched on it at the end.. maybe families just do what families do… and the Slauson family has definitely made my life a better and healthier one: mentally, physically, emotionally, socially, financially, and much more, that’s for sure!

    In the last few months I’ve finally started to find a good balance… almost took a step back from cycling and said there’s more to life than bike racing. Since then, many aspects of life have seemed more enjoyable and sustainable, even riding the bike!

    Can’t enphasize enough how lucky I am to have Jim and his family in my life. So excited that others now have a chance to catch a glimpse of his wise words and hear about his dedication to life long learning!


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