Becoming a Climber, Bone Density, Can Cycling Be Eco-Friendly? – Q&A

Today we discuss listener questions:
– How to reconcile Sports and the Environment
– Low Bone Density … what now?
–  Prepping for a Hilly Race … How and When should I start? + how to shift!
–  Sleeping less than 6 hours
becoming a climber, bone density + eco-friendly racing
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1) Katie how can we be both eco-friendly and optimize for sports?

  • See  I’m really curious whether/how these recommendations work for athletic diets.  * In general, how can athletes minimize their environmental impact? Biking instead of driving is easy, but are we negating it all when we fly around the world to race? Or all the gel wrappers?
  • pro-tested, pros closet, thred-up for 2nd hand gear, buy used bikes
  • carpool to races/race local — why do we obsess over the big races like Leadville when locally, there are options that will likely be more fun!

*LINK TO MOLLYS ETHICAL EATING PIECE IN OUTSIDE—we buy the whole side of beef. full cow, for example. grow your own, even in an apartment, w stuff like cilantro, tomatoes; buy seasonal

2) Erica Asks about Bone Density


3) I’m targeting a hilly race in July and am relatively new to training, should I be focusing on climbing?

 – shifting
 – standing
 – speed and coordination – become a great cyclist in your ‘base’. Can specialize as race approaches a bit more

4) Sleeping less than six hours a night may increase cardiovascular risk

2 thoughts on “Becoming a Climber, Bone Density, Can Cycling Be Eco-Friendly? – Q&A

  1. This is Erica, aka Bone Density Lady – thanks so much for answering my question! The resources you shared are very great, and the recommendations you made around weight lifting, blood work/biomarkers, and inflammation were very helpful. Incidentally, I just learned of an upcoming symposium that may be of interest to your listeners: – Dr. Amy Powell will be presenting on bone health in master athletes – she has published/conducted research in this area. Thanks again!

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