Bike Packing, DIY Ride Food – Matthew Kadey

Matthew Kadey MSc., RD is a Dietitian, Writer, and Photographer who has found a passion for bike-packing. He is on the show talking about how-to Bike Pack, some nutrition for on the bike based on his book ‘Rocket Fuel’ and also about his route/event BT700 that tours southern Ontario’s finest gravel roads.
bikepacking + ride fuel with matthew kadey
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1) BIO

2) bike-packing 101

– what bring

– camp vs. hotel

– Bags to use = arkell-> fender bag, see other bike-packing bags here

– test bags – need metal harness

 3) costa rica loop

4) BTt700- bike packing – ontario

– ride with gps

5) Making Travel Food for Bike-Packing or just for rides/training

check out the BT 700 BIKEPACKING route / event 

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