How to Use Sports Psych – Simon Marshall

Dr. Simon Marshall returns to talk about specific tactics you can use to get through stressful and difficult moments in sport. Simon and his co-author and wife Lesley Paterson were on the show previously talking about their book the Brave Athlete and they were one of your favorite episodes!
simon marshall
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Molly and Simon discuss a few scenarios and some mental exercises/brain-training advice that people can do to get through.
  • -a racer having a terrible season and feeling really down on racing
  • -a racer super nervous about their A+++ race coming up
  • -an injured athlete who needs to take a few weeks away from training
  • -an athlete who used to race but isn’t anymore… and now can’t get motivated to keep training/stay in shape
  • -a racer who’s actually doing pretty damn well, but a) is a little nervous about things falling apart and b) could just use a bit in the way of marginal gains mentally (I.e meditation?)
  • -spouse doing better/faster?
  • -honesty/rationalizations
When we read “The Brave Athlete: Calm the F*ck Down and Rise to the Occasion” as the first book for the Athletic Bookworms Book Club, it was a huge hit. It really helped me personally figure out what was going on with my identity as an athlete (not much/too much!) and gave me a ton of tools to use for myself, and a lot of practical advice that I could use going forward when doing talks, running clinics, or helping to coach at camps. So, we were really excited to get the authors, Dr. Simon Marshall and Xterra World Champ Lesley Paterson, on The Consummate Athlete Podcast to talk through some of the concepts that they discussed. The two were hilarious and had a ton of knowledge to share—even some stories that didn’t make it into the book! If you loved the book or want to uplevel your sporting life, I highly recommend giving this a listen:

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