MTB, Training, Nutrition – World Champion Kate Courtney

Kate Courtney joins us to talk about her World Championship win in the Mountain Bike XCO (cross country Olympic) discipline and what went into that huge performance.
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1) Post-Worlds – a lot has changed in the last week, has the win sunk in?

2) Had you changed-added anything to training this year?

  • Working with coach Jim Miller and slow/steady growth

4) fueling for performance

  • Fueling in and around riding
  • Taking ‘seasons’ for nutrition
  • How much of this nutrition/mindset, combined with periodized strength training and fueled rides helped over the last few seasons.
  • : “ I also found it really interesting that eating a lot more on the ride reduced my consumption of unhealthy food for the day. Instead of letting my body get completely depleted on a ride and being panicked and “hangry” when I got home, I fueled throughout and could make healthy nutrition choices when I got home”

5) Earlier this year you were instagramming a lot of strength and balance work, is that a big part of your routine?

  • do you do that year round? A lot of cyclists hate going inside if they can ride?
  • Do you stick to a set routine?
  • Favorite lifts/exercises

6) Recent college grad-how did you balance school with training and racing

8) Sleep/diet/meditation/yoga—what are some of the lifestyle habits that you swear by?

9) You’re racing Marathon worlds—why not take a break? … Will you take a break?

10) Advice for young girls who want to start riding?

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