Cyclocross running debate, cycling commute, tire pressure, mtb workouts – Sept Q & A

Q & A For Sept 2018 – We debate whether you need to run for cyclocross, what a structured workout for mountain biking (or off-road activities) looks like, tire-pressure and whether cycling commuting counts as training (and how to count it).
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Running and Cyclocross

=> Assess movement demands -> never without your bike, never at slow speed, never on level ground or pavement
 => Assess limiters
 => work on mounts/carrys/dismounts
=> workouts like 30/30/30/30
-> walk a bit during your days (year round) and walk up the hill if you are keen
-> using strength t
” Keep in mind the UCI limit is 80 meters for a designed running section”

Tire Pressure for mtb and cyclocross

Digital Gauge
tire type, skill and terrain will vary this recommendation

Structured workouts

Sean Asks about Cycling Commuting and if it counts in training?

Thanks for all the great podcasting. I’ve got a question about recovery/commuting via bike. I commute via bike about 15 miles a day, 5 days a week, on city roads (so a lot of red lights and stop signs). I enjoy getting to work that way, but its also way more convenient. After a hard weekend of bike racing (CX+MTB), hiking or something else, I usually still ride. Is this hurting my recovery by slowing it down? or has my body accepted this as normal?
Lastly, would you generally count this time+effort in training at all? I’ve done it here and there with a PM, just to get an idea, and get anywhere from 35-50 TSS for the roundtrip. I basically try to keep the effort low whenever possible, but there’s always something that throws that off.

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