Running, Mental Strength & Confidence – Kara Goucher

Today we are joined by world class runner Kara Goucher – who has just written a book called, ‘Strong: A Runner’s Guide to Boosting Confidence and Becoming the Best Version of You’  


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  • 30 second bio—

  • Why write a book now?

  • Confidence journal—what’s the difference between this and a regular journal? History with journaling?

  • “Hang out in the light” 🖤—talk about that?

  • Hardest race experience?

  • I really liked the parts about picking a word or a mantra—could you talk a bit about that for our listeners? Why is it important and how do you find a word that resonates for you?

  • Any tips for pre-race jitters?

  • What about post-race, when everything goes great? And what about when it doesn’t?

  • With everything you have going on now, what does a normal training week look like now? How did it feel toning down from when you were younger and only focused on your running career?

  • You had a baby in 2010 and came back to racing a year later: what was that like? Any advice for parents struggling to fit training in?

  • new oiselle collection – > Check out OISELLE

  • If you had to pick a favorite thing right now: What’s one mental thing people can do to 10x their physical performance?

  • Where people can get the book / etc.?

  • whats next? racing this fall

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