80:20 Triathlon – Matt Fitzgerald

Matt Fitzgerald joins us today to talk about applying polarized training, or the 80:20 concept of training, to triathlon. We also talk about nutrition and training concepts generally.
You may have missed Matt the first time he was on the podcast talking about his amazing book ‘the endurance diet’ ->find that episode here
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80:20 Triathlon

What is 80:20 for new athletes? nutrition?

Why come out with this book now?

How is it different from 80:20 running?

Which of the 3 sports do triathletes screw up the most in terms of 80-20 training?

Swimming: hard to figure out HR/vomax etc., so what can you do? (also, do people do too much intensity here?)

How does it apply to different distances of tri?

Stephen Seiler wrote foreword, we’ve had him on: why did it matter to you to have him write that?

-daily routines??

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