Basketball to Cycling Life – Hanna Muegge

Hanna Muegge talks about making the jump from German National Team & Division 1 collegiate basketball player, to Geographic Information System (GIS) Analyst and Pro-level cyclist.



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In the brief span of four years, Hanna “Moogy” Muegge has made the improbable leap from German National Team & Division 1 collegiate basketball player, to Geographic Information System (GIS) Analyst and Pro-level cyclist.  Her journey to the bike is the result of perseverance, determination, and the discovery of natural talent.  While working for the municipal planning agency and exploring her creativity creating maps and analyzing data, Hanna is now focused on winning a National title and finding her place on the German National Team.
Hanna was raised in south-west Germany in the beautiful city, Tübingen . The oldest of three, and part of an incredibly athletic family, she excelled in a variety of sports while growing up including rhythmic gymnastics, track and field, and basketball.  After moving to the U.S., and completing a double major in Biology and German at Bradley University (IL.), Hanna followed her passion for protecting the great outdoors and received her Master’s from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies in International Environmental Studies, with a concentration on Ocean and Coastal Resource Management.
After three amazing internship experiences in Germany, El Salvador, and the Island Nation of Palau, Hanna realized that her passion had always been to better the lives around her. Having grown up in areas with superb public transportation, she aims to use these experiences in helping improve the local transportation networks around her.
Hanna is a resident of Monterey, CA.  In her spare time, she diligently trains to become the best cyclist she can be together with her training partner and boyfriend, Chris Cain.  She loves to whip up delicious entrées, garden, take photos, and have fun with her friends and family on the Monterey Peninsula.

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