Beyond Sweet Spot – Frank Overton

Cycling coach Frank Overton joins us to talk all things sweet spot, motor pacing and the importance of lifestyle factors like nutrition and sleep for masters athletes.

You will learn about: sweet spot training, fatigue dependent training plan design, polarized training, race-specific training, MONK Mode, nutrition & lifestyle, using the WHOOP like a power meter for your Recovery, motorpacing and how FasCat got its name. Enjoy and let us know if you have any Q’s

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  •  Frank’s Bio
  • The Velo News Podcast Polarized vs. Sweet spot we mention


  • SweetSpot Defined, 
=> intervals and progressions?
  ->  how to reconcile with polarized,


  • Masters athletes -importance of nutrition, lifestyle, family balance.
“Want to lose 5-10lbs? No problem, let’s start in the kitchen”
masters taper down (sweet spot load, then intervals, then rest?)


  • Motorpacing – how, what, why, who 
  • Articles by Frank we discuss, mention or allude to: 

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