How to Swim FASTER – Sheila Taormina

Sheila Taormina joins us to talk swimming fast. Her book ” Swim Speed Secrets for Swimmers and Triathletes: Master the Freestyle Technique Used by the World’s Fastest Swimmers” was a big start of Peter’s preparation for Ironman and has some really actionable drills and concepts. We talk about many of them today.
sheila taormina

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= 3 x olympian! Swim, Tri, Pentathalon
    a) The concept of minimalism, or at least not working on everything at once, is what attracted me to your book. Can you speak to the tendency for swimmers to do too much in the pool? 
    b) you discuss using tubing and sculling to improve swim technique – can you tell us more about these two techniques/drills? 
= tubing how to use tubing for swim stroke strength
    c) my huge (HUGE) take-a-way that really benefited me coming from TI and building towards my first Tri/swim event/open water swim was the high elbow and idea of using more than my hand to grab the water. Can you explain this technique/change in focus? 
  d) Injuries – shoulder pain -> is the tubing and halo a good first spot for those concerned or coming back from injury?
e) How to do Flip Turns

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