Stronger Golf – Nick Buchan

Nick Buchan joins us to talk about how he uses strength training to help golfers improve their golf-game while becoming stronger and more resilient. Join us to hear about his experience with golf performance.
nick buchan
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Goal in the gym? General or specific?
TPI: titlist performance institute, golf club manufacturer … all of their things are aimed at supporting professionals within golf, not just golfers.
Golf training was rooted in rehab, focused on fixing movements and reducing pain. Very specific! Left out basic strength amd conditioning
Realized how much powerlifting changed his golf game for the better; started blog about it; started writing for online pubs; then TPI asked him to write articles and book and online coaching grew from that
What Injuries in Golf? 
Shoulder and hip issues are most common. Injuries similar to deskbound population but golfers wear down faster
Why Stronger?
The stronger you are, the more force you can put on the ball. Similar to EVERY other sporting motion
If you take movement out and just think about force, General strength training in terms of performance makes sense
Mobility for the desk-bound
Basic Strength Movements
Squat hinge push-pull lungs twist = basic human movements
Stability Drills?
Some unstable surface and balance/ankle stability drills, but very specific cases. No lifting on a stability ball!
Where to start: 
Functional movement screen
Information gathering to pick best exercises and progressions
See what basic movements ie plank and push-up look like. Then, start loading or work on corrective strategy
Instagram? (fancy moves)
A lot of golfers want to jump to specific “golf” stuff to instagram , but need to be back to basics
-free content in blog posts , email signup with access to a 30min free exercise video
-online coaching
-starter program with basics in a PDF that has ABCs of basic training
-online coaching shifting to group coaching

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