Healthy KickStart + Christmas Challenge Winners

Today we talk about:
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What did we do?
Winners: Julie, Ann, Harrison, Renee (dog sledding, skiing, skating, hockey, trainer riding, snow riding, running, hiking, etc.)
 Ironman newsletter saying for resolutions, “start with the gear.” Do not do that. 
^What can you do without buying a ton of gear? 95% of the SmartAthlete 7-Day Kickstart Plan to Healthy Living
hardest resolutions to keep are the boring ones: eat better, sleep better, move more: not sexy, but necessary.
The SmartAthlete 7-Day Kickstart to Healthy Living
Why we made it
Who it’s for
Breakdown of the days / some of the tips you can expect: knowing your why and setting some parameters, dialing sleep, flexibility, movement, food, motivation, and getting through tougher times
Seems simple, but it’s often the simple stuff that catches us out—Fuel Your Ride, Peter’s coaching, etc.

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