How to Skateboard as an Adult – Kevin Banahan

Skateboard, How to, Adult Skateboarding, Learning, Skills, Brooklyn, New York

Kevin Banahan of SKATEYOGI explains how you can learn to skateboard as an adult. We talk about buying boards, gear you need (and don’t need), where to practice, rules of the park and first tricks to try.

kevin banahan
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 skate yogi photo KEVIN
lifelong skateboarder and founder of SKATEYOGI. Passionate about sharing the culture, creativity, and community of skateboarding to students of all ages.
What is your history in the sport? How did you start skating? 
– where does the Yogi come from?
Business – Tell us how you formed SKATEYOGI? What do you do and where are you? 
 – Who do you work with
The community element of learning to skateboard, how do you see this help kids?
For someone wanting to start skating what gear should they get to start? 
   – What don’t they need to test it out/get started?
   – any brands/types that are easiest? (Board and shoe selection is overwhelming)
8+ inch width
Hard wheel-tricks
78a- softer wheel , 60 mm or smaller
What is the key to finding balance on the board? 
1) Drill
1234- board between feet, front foot over bolts straight, back foot sideways, hips forwards,
2) Keep feet wide – feet usually over the bolts
Common problems that new Adult skaters have at their first session(s)? 
 – foot placement / orientation  (T stance)
Mistake – stay loose on board, exercise with feet wide and try to shift board back and forth
Are there rules in a skate park to not run into people? 
– skate park etiquette
– roll around, observe and gradually warm up into the environment. There is a flow, direction, and order.
Any way to practice at home in the house or garage?
What’s the one cool move I can do to make it look like I know what I’m doing? 
Know what doing
– don’t do a mall grab (article on this), it is a no-no!! (how to carry the board so you know what you are doing)
– kickboard in the hand
– running start

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