SWIM – RUN – Maja Tesch

Maja Tesch competes in the ÖTILLÖ SwimRun series, which she won after transforming from “the girl who did a little bit of running”. Maja also talks about Vivo-Barefoot shoes, which Peter and Molly also love, and the concept of  “plogging” (picking up trash while running). Work:Training:Life Balance is also discussed as Maja balances being a nurse and a high-performance athlete.

maja tesch

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Maja on   Instagram @majatesch
Maja’s website  majatesch.wordpress.com


Maja Tesch won the ÖTILLÖ SwimRun World Championships in 2015, and although going well faster in 2016 she placed 3rd with new partner Bibben Nordblom. But it is not just about the result alone for Maja Tesch, it is about the journey and the adventure.
Learn more about SwimRun
-> listen to an interview (in Swedish) with Maja in swimrunpodden or read (in english) this article on slowtwitch.
I´m also a proud ambassador for ”plogging” (pick up trash while running).
what is the difference in training between triathlon
Is it always in a tropical destination like Croatia
Do you wear your shoes when you swim?
Any other gear?
-what exactly is swim/run?
-your athletic background and how you came to it
-what training looks like in a normal week
-race day tips/tricks
-why you started using Vivo shoes
-what makes barefoot ideal for swim/run
-what does one wear to swimrun?
-how to transition to barefoot shoes, if you have any tips!

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