Pain, Biomechanics & Back Flips w. Greg Lehman


Greg Lehman BKIN, MSC, DC, MSCPT joins us today to talk Gymnastics as an adult, running and pain science. Pain science is the study of the factors that influence pain.

greg lehmanWe discuss:

Gymnastics, Why do some people have pain, while others do not? What influences the level of pain we have? Why do we get better? Should we avoid certain activities?

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More links on Pain
Stories from people in pain and about pain
Technical aspects of pain and some help
1. 2. 3. (Fibromyalgia focused) 4. 5.
Great Blogs about pain, posture and function
Other books on pain and recovery
1. Explain Pain 2. The Protectometer 3. Graded Motor Imagery Handbook 4. Explain Pain Supercharged (more for therapists


1) How do you explain what you do and who you are to new clients or when speaking?
running – 
gymnastics – tramp backyard, cheerleading, video- gregrowetrampoline , DOVICA, DAvid morris ski (Back layout, backtuck), Plan-Zero
    –> doing a backflip (knew how to do it), getting injured straining abs/shouders, break into components (way more abs)-> hollow-rocks, V-Snaps,    
“if you find a motion you can do and evoke pain”
– To start off could you lay out Pain and Nociception for us?
   – Nociception – irritibility detector
   = pain response to stimulus
  = persistant pain – can lead to more pain
  – We call this the Bio – Psycho – Social model of pain.  Meaning all areas of your life can influence pain.
 – like fatigue – motivation less then effort level
 – EVEN if have tissue injury the treatment is the same
  *few things we rest like stress structure,
– COping with avoidance – not necessarily
– don’t push too deep – cope with endurance
BIGGER CUP – pain when cup overflow – all factors go in (sleep, tendinopathy, trianing, anxiety)
    -> exercise helps tolerance, could decrease one or some to redce overflow
Back pain in Performance – Normalize (its ok), visualize, prepare body (small elements)
“Not weird to have back pain when stresing your back a ton”
– make everything else
  ->tim gabbot chronic vs. acute
   -> not just workload – mechanical loads, not the day for PR (bad sleep, stress)
 Top books to be Greg Lehman 
    – book that he recalls as bringing psycho-social aspects to his awareness =>  John Sarno – back pain revolution, 
     – Challenge Bias with the books that you choose.

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