Mental Performance, Focus, Goal Setting, Visualization – Danelle Kabush

Danelle Kabush joins us today to talk all things Mental Performance. Danelle holds a Ph.D. in Social Psychology and MA in Sports Psychology. She has worked with top performers through the Canadian Sports Institute in Calgary and Victoria. As a mental skill consultant, she works with individual athletes, teams, parents of athletes and coaches to develop their mental performance.

Danelle is a consummate athlete, having competed in high-level track, MTB, and Xterra, including many years on the Luna Pro Team. She competed (and blogged actively) about competing at a high level, and staying fit as a mother.

danelle kabush
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BIO  – school / work and athletic 
What is sport psych / mental skills 
Who do you typically work with? Who can use a MSC?? 
   – do you see much interest from other ‘high performers’ ? (Business etc.)
How can a masters cyclocross racer use sport psychology?  (visualization example, goal setting etc.)
Dean  Asks: 
Basically, anything that can be expanded on with respect to an athlete that has plateaued and is lacking mental motivation to be active would be helpful.
If an athlete has a big goal 8-12 months away (win nationals, fast time at a triathlon, loose 20 pounds etc.) What do they do today? (Habits?) 
What is a first step to reaching a goal? (or new years resolution). How does an athlete decide where to start?  
What are common missteps when athletes have time and a big goal? 
Is there a way to motivate daily goals or habits?  (pairing with other? reward? … what works in your experience?) 
Favorite books/movies etc.  that have shaped you as a person/professional/athlete?
Recommend a consummate athlete we should pursue? 

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