Learning to Jump bikes, yoga, online courses – Ryan Leech

ryan leech
Trials, MTB, Bike Skills, Skills, Aquisition, Online Courses, Business, Coaching, Yoga
Ryan Leech joins us for a 2nd time today to talk about learning to jump a bike, new updates to his skills website (www.ryanleech.com) and what life is like after trials shows. We touch on yoga, how to develop habits, whether it is possible to reach mastery in bike skills and differences between online courses and in-person coaching and instruction.
Ryan also leaves us with a code for 1 month free trial on www.ryanleech.com (use Code ‘ryan1’ )
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Ryan also leaves us with a code for 1 month free trial on www.ryanleech.com (use Code ‘ryan1’ )


Update from last time
  – time off
   – journaling style
   – what like when return ?
2) Lindsey asks:
 I would love to hear more about his tech retreat and what his time away has helped come up with this year ?
3) Skill courses update 
  – how sign up RyanLeech.Com
   – what get for membership ?
4) Carl Aks
I think a great topic is a difference between skills training with a local coach and online.
5) Elaine asks: 
Discussing potentials between competency in a skill vs mastery? Many of us get frustrated too quickly, and at the same time sponges for learning.
6) Jeff asks:  would love to hear him discuss his equipment, and recommendations for us mortals– particularly bike geometries and set up (shock settings, short vs long chain stays, head and seat tube angles, wheel sizes, etc) and how they relate to trail riding and technical skills, such as manuals, bunny hops, and wheelies. To take this further, it would be great to hear what ‘type’ of bike(s) he would recommend for those of us hoping to at least have proficiency at the techniques he is teaching online, but can only have ONE bike instead of a stable full. I realize that a lot of this is personal preference, but for the average non-pro, those preferences are often influenced by LBS recommendations, friends, pros, etc, and I would bet many of us end up struggling with some skills because of this. A pro can be amazing on anything they throw a leg over, but most cannot.
6) Yoga — changing life

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